Blog Time…The Beginning!

Hello! Welcome to my blog….

I have been thinking about doing one of these for awhile. It seems like a great way to communicate with friends and family as well as being an outlet for me to share my experiences while I am living and working in London, England.

Life has been a bit crazy since I arrived here at the end of January.

I have taught in a lot of schools in and around London from Reception to Primary through to Secondary. Current count is around 38 schools…..Its been great to see how things work and deal with a wide range of “interesting students” from a massive variety of cultures. Teaching over here is a lot different to NZ and I really miss the organisation and efficient smooth running of GEIS. Teachers over here don’t seem to do much if any planning so I have learnt to accept that I have to wing it on several occasions!

Travelling has been epic. I have done a wee bit in the UK and plan to do a lot more – Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff along with a few London sights – Portobello Road & Borough Markets, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, V&A Museum, London Eye, and had an attempt at Wimbledon (we got in the queue before 7am on the first Saturday of the tournament and we still in the queue at 1230pm).

Europe has been amazing so far. Have experienced Iceland (Reyjkavic), Amsterdam, Belguim (Brussles, Gent & Brugge), Poland (Krakow & Warsaw), Berlin, Croatia (Dubrovnik, Hvar & Split), Bosnia (Sarajevo & Mostar), Austria (Salzburg & Vienna) and Slovakia (Bratislava).

For those of you who have been in touch the last couple of weeks (for those who have not are about to get a bit of a shock) I have recently been diagnosed with early stage Breast Cancer.

I am completely fine and in good health and am about to go through fertility treatment to get my eggs frozen (to preserve fertility) before starting Chemotherapy at the beginning of August.

Its all been a bit of a shock but I am taking it in my stride and just trying to live as normally as I can. I will use this blog as means of communication as well as the odd email. If you want to follow my story I would appreciate that and if you find it to difficult to read then that is cool too. This is my way of coping and because it is helping me so far I am going to continue writing…….

It’s not all going to be doom and gloom! and there will be more travel stories to report about.

Who says I can’t teach, travel and have cancer!

Thanks for all your love and support so far……

Jess x

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