Onwards & Upwards!

Hello wonderful people in my life,

Well….there have been some new developments over the week I just have to share!

Its all good news too which is a BIG weight off the shoulders.

You will all be please to know that on Wednesday 6th of November I went for an ultrasound to have a marker clip injected inside lumpy number two. The radiologist Dr Tom Connor spent a good 20minutes scanning my breast and had a lot of trouble locating the new 4mm lesion. After searing for the lump he finally found an area of what looked to be similar. After leaving the room twice to look at other imagery of my breast he declared that the new lesion had indeed shrunk! So was hard to locate. The original lump – now classified as Lumpy #1 had also shrunk since the last scan just over three weeks ago. It had gone from 21mm down to 16mm. A reduction of 5mm. Now I know that seems really small in normal measurements but that is a huge breakthrough.

On Thursday I had an appointment with my Oncologist Dr Tim Crook and he was absolutely ecstatic at the response and that the chemotherapy is really working. Success. What a great mood lifter going into Chemotherapy today!

I had Chemotherapy number 6 today and as usual it went with out a hitch and went really well. It is so straight forward. I sat up in bed and did some drawing for school and then had a good long nap for a good portion of the treatment.

Looking forward to a weekend of rest and catching up with friends. We are having a “Crafternoon Tea” on Sunday afternoon so anyone in London is welcome to join.

Mum is off on a tour of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath and will catch up with Putty Mott in Bath so hoping the weather is good for her. It’s been a bit rainy today.

Here is a pic of me from today…looking a bit chubby (fluid retention and three extra kilos) and one with Vivienne whi is my Breast Cancer Nurse. She is also a Kiwi and just a gem! Is looking after me really well πŸ™‚

My fellow Kiwi looking after me :)

My fellow Kiwi looking after me πŸ™‚

Chemo #6......So close to the end only two to go!!!

Chemo #6……So close to the end only two to go!!!

Hope this all finds you well, have a good weekend πŸ™‚

Jess xx