See ya later Lumpy!


Hello wonderful people in my life,

Just wanted to let you all know that my surgery yesterday went really well and that Mr Lumpy is now out of my body. In two weeks time I will get the results that will hopefully tell me that all the cancer has been removed. The amount of tissue that was extracted will have a margin around it. If the tissue is not infected in the margin then I will be given the all clear.

Yesterday was a big day! I had to be at the Whittington Hospital’s Day Treatment Centre at 730am. Once I was given a bed I had to get changed into my sexy gown and hospital undies (please see token photo attatched)… per usual I went through a whole bunch of routine checks (blood pressure etc) and paper work. Then I saw an Anesthetist (Dr Yuri from Ukraine) who would give me a drug cocktail that puts me to sleep. Dr Tan my surgeon then came to see me and drew some lines on my breast – where the incision would be made around my nipple and the location of the tumor / Lumpy. Then it was off to Radiography to see Dr Crooks.

I had to firstly have a Mammogram to check where the marker clips were placed – these were put in when Lumpy #1 was diagnosed and when Lumpy #2 decided to show up.

Secondly I had to lay on what is called a Prone Table which I had to lay face down with my breast through a hole. Its kind of similar to having a mammogram but you are lying down and there are imaging plates that move beneath you and compress your breast so images can be taken. The table is elevated quite high off the ground so the Radiographer is able to sit underneath the table to get the breast clamped in the correct position for scanning and in order to put guide wires in to mark the correct location of the tumor so it can be removed by the surgeon. I was given local anesthetic and two wires were put into my breast to mark the placement of my tumor. After the wires were in they were at least 30cm long sticking out of me! It was quite odd but cool at the same time. The wires have barbs on the end of them so they can’t be pulled out. I then had to have another Mammogram to check that the wires were indeed in the correct place.


Then it was off to have an ultrasound where I got some really great news. Lumpy had shrunk even more since the last scan on the 6th of January. It had shrunk from 1.1cm/11 down to 0.8cm/8mm. This was a great sign that the chemotherapy was still working and working really well!

I went through to theater at about 11am and woke up at about 330pm. Lumpy all gone. The coolest this is that the only incision made was around my nipple (only half way) so currently my breast looks pretty normal. Well chuffed! From the incision that was made the skin was separated from the tissue of my breast and held up so the surgeon could cut a wedge of tissue right down to the chest wall. The edges of where the wedge was removed were then sewn back together so that there would not be a gap. Then it was all sewn back up again.  


I have had a medical student hanging out with me over the past couple of months and he was lucky enough to assist in the surgery. Dom has also been to all my appointments and kept me company at chemo sessions and been a great support. Thanks for hanging out Dom!

I snoozed on and off till Imogen turned up at about 6pm to take me home. The anesthetic had made me feel a bit icky so after a little spew I felt heaps better.

Felling a bit sore today but not too bad. The anesthetic has made me a wee bit dizzy so just trying to rest as much as I can. Looking forward to having a restful weekend. Have Herceptin on Monday.


Thanks to all of you that have sent me messages, emails and texts wishing me luck. Keep the good vibes coming! I feel very blessed to have you all in my life.

Hope this finds you all well,

Jess xxx 


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