Back to life, Back to reality

Hello wonderful people in my life,

It’s been so delightful being back in Auckland. The consistent weather has been astounding and catching up with my nearest and dearest has been just wonderful. Its so great to be around grass, trees and close to the beach. These things seem somewhat funny to list but I think often we forget about the finer things in life that help us live and in some ways keep us grounded. Often excess is exciting and thrilling but getting back to simplicity is good for the soul. I can certainly tell the difference when I go from the city and end up at one of the east coast bays or way out west and get a quiet peaceful energy. Although I love the city vibe I think that being back here is better for my wellness and im glad im not still amongst the London charge.

It’s been a bit challenging trying to get organised and figuring out how and where to find work. I’m having to get some information from the UK so I can get police clearance to renew my teaching registration and hopefully get some relief / supply work while I try and make contacts in the health sector to find work there. A massive thanks to Maya and Violet for having my stay with them until I get on my feet.

I am so so happy about the support for my current project to travel to the USA to attend Breast Cancer conferences. Thank you so much to those of you who have pledged to my cause. It’s slow but consistent going so thank you all for your continued input and belief in me. Please do share the link via email with any contacts who you think may be able to help and share on Facebook also. Am working on getting in some of the surburban Auckland papers and the Ruapehu Bulletin soonish so do keep an eye out.

My Tedx Talk is about to be released so just waiting patiently and hopefully it will be out soon. It seems the editing is taken a bit of time and now the video’s are actually being directly released by Waiting waiting.

I’ve been doing a bit of research into food and diet in the last couple of weeks which has been really interesting and somewhat overwhelming. I can remember my second round of chemotherapy when a dietician came and spoke to me about what I should be putting into my system to assist the treatment as well as be healthy whilst going through it. The advise I was given was to essentially eat what I want and to take an all in moderation kind of approach.

Its really frustrating when sometimes you just want someone to tell you what to do. However with the amount of information out there from other humans recommending this and that and the cost of food its hard to come to a conclusion and you often just have to make a decision based on what is best for you. Currently working on my slight bout of food paranoia at the moment and hoping it is just a phase.

It’s been cool reading a book called Radical Remission which discusses the nine key factors in how to eliminate cancer from your system when you have a terminal diagnosis without the aide of modern medicine and the stereotypical treatment options. Reading the book has made me realise that if these nine factors can rid the body of cancer then should some of these not also be the principles we should live our lives by?

• Radically changing your diet
• Deepening your spiritual connection
• Increasing positive emotions
• Releasing suppressed emotions
• Taking herbs and vitamins
• Using intuition to help inform health decisions
• Taking control of one’s health
• Having strong reasons to live
• Receiving social support

Food for thought!

Hope this update finds you all well and if you are in New Zealand then I will look forward to seeing you soon.

Jess x