Fundraising is a full time job!

Hello wonderful people in my life,

This last week has been mental! The project is coming along nicely and I am really enjoying seeing the pledges increase ever so slowly but surely. The pledges are almost at the half way point so here is hoping for a few more this week. I’ve just registered for Cancer Con in Denver at the end of April but I will not be able to go if I do not hit the $9000 target – pledges only become donations when the target is reached. Looking forward to YSC Summit in just under 4 weeks in Houston.

Got to check out the Auckland Nines last weekend which was fun times with the lovely Ange. Always fun to dress up and attend sporting events. We went as Gumball Machines. Wonderful to catch up with Tash, Troy, Sarah and the Welshy crew.

Dick Smith NRL Nines, Eden park Auckland, NZ. First weekend of February, 2015

Dick Smith NRL Nines, Eden Park Auckland, NZ. First weekend of February, 2015

Fundraising is a full time job all on it’s own and I feel like I need an extra pair of typing hands to keep up with all the emailing I’m doing. Some wonderful people and organisation’s have been helping me spread the word so that’s been just awesome.

Massive thanks to these amazing people and organisations for helping me spread my message via social media and for their belief in my project.

Nigel Latta
Mike King
TNT Magazine London
Frontier Touring / Future Sound System and Kat Saunders
The Cancer Society of New Zealand
New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
Cam Mansel
Danny Watson Afternoons on Newstalk ZB
Western Leader
NZ Society London
The New Zealand Business Women’s Network
Auckland University Faculty of Education
Shocking Pink

Articles have been published in the Western Leader and on the Auckland University Faculty Education website this past week. Big thanks to Chloe Johnson and Sarah Roberts.

Survivor keen to help Cancer Sufferers
Western Leader – Thursday 5th February, 2015

How teaching helped my Breast Cancer Journey
Auckland University Faculty of Education

Feeling pretty supported to by the wonderful organisations in New Zealand who have done so much for people with cancer. Really stoked to have the support of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and the Cancer Society as well as the wonderful support charity that has helped me in my journey Shocking Pink. Looking forward to working with these organisations in the future.

Being on national radio this week with Danny Watson on Newstalk ZB was a pretty big highlight. So amazing to chat to listeners calling in. Big thanks to Danny and the show’s producer Andrew for having me in. Buzzing!

Danny Watson much fun! Wednesday 4th of February, 2015

Danny Watson Afternoons…so much fun! Wednesday 4th of February, 2015

I have decided to start a public Facebook page so please start following me via the link to keep updated with what I am up to. Same with the blog. If you want to keep updated please follow my blog. Click on the link scroll down to the bottom of any page and click the green follow button.

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I checked out Domain Lodge this week which is the Cancer Society center in Auckland. I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time there in the coming weeks and getting back into some mindfulness and stress reduction habits. They run a lot of workshops and seminars for people who are on the other side of treatment and obviously they support people going through treatment and offer accommodation. The library is a really lovely space a there is a lot of good information and books on all kinds of cancer. Such an amazing facility.

There are some exciting things happening this week.
Still loving the consistent weather and long may it continue, pretty happy to have a tan again!

Jess x