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Motivational & Inspirational Talks / Breast Cancer Awareness / Pink Ribbon Breakfasts

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Jess was the perfect person to speak at my Pink Ribbon Brunch.My role as an ambassador for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation as a healthy, 40+ woman, is to encourage women in the pre-screening age of 20-44 to take charge of their breast health.  To be proactive.  To stay healthy. Jessica’s story is powerful, it is scary, it is moving, it is inspirational.  But most importantly, she could be any one of us.  And that is the strength of her message. Jess speaks bravely.  She doesn’t shy away from the details of what she went through and I think it’s important for women to hear that. I could see in the faces of the women listening to her… ‘that could easily be me’.  And that is exactly what you need in a guest speaker. For people to connect to her experience and be moved by it enough, to take action that could easily save their life. I had many people contact me after the brunch to comment on her courage and how much they were touched by her journey. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jessica as a guest speaker in a similar situation – and I think particularly for young women in the pre screening age – it is so very important.  370 women a year in this pre screening group, in New Zealand are being diagnosed with breast cancer.  That’s one every day. Jess wants to make a difference by telling her story.  It deserves to be heard so that the ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude shifts into positive action. This little warrior wants to help fight the breast cancer battle, person by person, talk by talk.  She’s quite remarkable.

Jacqueline Nairn – New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation Ambassador


It was great to have Jess be the highlight speaker at our Live Your Legend event. The way she shared her experience of overcoming her life threatening cancer in such and honest raw way was really inspirational and translated well into advice for overcoming any challenges and living boldly and bravely.

Claire Conza – Live your Legend Local, Auckland New Zealand


It was a real privilege to hear Jess share her triumph with cancer in an intimate Live Your Legend gathering. Jess exudes love for life and people and her infectiously indomitable spirit inspired me greatly. After her talk I truly believe that mindset is everything, if Jess could kick cancer in the butt then I can reclaim power back into my life and live it on my own terms.

Yan Zeng – Live your Legend Local, Auckland New Zealand


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