If you would like Jess to speak at your event, school, church, community group and or workplace please get in touch.

Jess has spoken extensively in the following capacities and can bring an element of inspiration to your audience – Pink Ribbon Breakfasts, Brunches and Lunches / Guest Lecturing / High School Assemblies and Health Class Presentations / Workshops

Jess can speak on a number of topics and can tailor a talk to suit you and your audience – Motivational and Inspirational / Breast Cancer Awareness / Resilience / Emotional Intelligence / Mindset / The Patient Experience


You can contact Jess directly via jess@thewellernetwork.com OR contact the team at Inspiring Speakers



I found the presentation helpful because cancer isn’t really something I would ever talk about or want to learn about, just because it’s always seen as a really scary and fatal thing. But Jess really made talking about cancer a lot easier and a little bit funny, so you weren’t even realizing that you were talking about something that could potentially make you very sick – Student – Green Bay High School, Auckland

A lot of our students are affected by Breast Cancer because it happens in their whanau. Unfortunately they are often too scared and embarrassed to talk about it and don’t reach out for support that the school is able to offer – there is so much shame around the illness. It’s so great that they were able to hear from someone who has lived it. We can talk to them but only when they hear from someone like you, that is when it really sinks in for them – Teacher – McAuley Catholic High School for Girls, Auckland

I worked with Jess at the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, where she was working on a High School Pilot to educate year 12 and 13 students about breast cancer and share her personal story.  Jess took the initiative by identifying and contacting all the secondary schools in Auckland, working with the faculty to sell in the concept, and then secure a workable date and time with each school.  This was no mean feat and managed with ease by Jess, who persevered against all sorts of obstacles, managing to secure presentations to 34 schools, with many receiving two back to back presentations for different groups.  I had the pleasure of attending one of her visits to St Cuthberts in Auckland, where she presented twice.  Her ease with public speaking is admirable, she has a natural flair and comes across with authenticity.  Having a teaching background does help with her interactions with the students, she is both friend and tutor, hitting the right notes with her words and expression.  Although Jess has recounted her experience many many times, her talks always feel fresh and personal.  The shift in the audience is palpable and there are often a few tears and hugs from students at the end.  The teachers present also remarked on her maturity and presence, and how much they appreciated her taking the time to talk openly with this group, who by and large did not know very much about breast cancer.  A few of them had family members affected so for them this talk was a great way to educate their friends about the enormous strength it takes to deal with cancer, and then use that experience to spread what she has learnt, and be a staunch advocate for knowledge.  As well as the school pilot, Jess’ contribution in the office as a patient advocate was really useful.  She was never shy to share her opinion and challenge our thinking, which I found very meaningful in the other communications work we do.  She helped promote our Consumer/Patient Day through her strong networks and following, which was much appreciated. It is my privilege to provide this testimonial, Jess is an extraordinary woman with enormous drive and conviction –  Angela Hayes, Communications Manager at the NZBCF

Jess was the perfect person to speak at my Pink Ribbon Brunch.My role as an ambassador for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation as a healthy, 40+ woman, is to encourage women in the pre-screening age of 20-44 to take charge of their breast health.  To be proactive.  To stay healthy. Jessica’s story is powerful, it is scary, it is moving, it is inspirational.  But most importantly, she could be any one of us.  And that is the strength of her message. Jess speaks bravely.  She doesn’t shy away from the details of what she went through and I think it’s important for women to hear that. I could see in the faces of the women listening to her… ‘that could easily be me’.  And that is exactly what you need in a guest speaker. For people to connect to her experience and be moved by it enough, to take action that could easily save their life. I had many people contact me after the brunch to comment on her courage and how much they were touched by her journey. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jessica as a guest speaker in a similar situation – and I think particularly for young women in the pre screening age – it is so very important.  370 women a year in this pre screening group, in New Zealand are being diagnosed with breast cancer.  That’s one every day. Jess wants to make a difference by telling her story.  It deserves to be heard so that the ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude shifts into positive action. This little warrior wants to help fight the breast cancer battle, person by person, talk by talk.  She’s quite remarkable – Jacqueline Nairn – New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation Ambassador

It was great to have Jess be the highlight speaker at our Live Your Legend event. The way she shared her experience of overcoming her life threatening cancer in such and honest raw way was really inspirational and translated well into advice for overcoming any challenges and living boldly and bravely – Claire Conza – Live your Legend Local and Founder of Make Give Live, Auckland, New Zealand

It was a real privilege to hear Jess share her triumph with cancer in an intimate Live Your Legend gathering. Jess exudes love for life and people and her infectiously indomitable spirit inspired me greatly. After her talk I truly believe that mindset is everything, if Jess could kick cancer in the butt then I can reclaim power back into my life and live it on my own terms – Yan Zeng – Live your Legend Local, Auckland New Zealand

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