Excited for Houston!

Hello wonderful people in my life,

It has been almost three weeks since I last wrote and as usual a lot has happened. Exciting times! Not enough hours in the day!

There are 5 days to go! So if you are yet to make a pledge please do!
The target must be reached by midnight on Thursday 5th of March or I will not receive any of the funds.

I feel as if I am getting pulled in all kinds of different directions in order to find a routine and get settled. It is in some ways so odd being back and I find myself still in this crazy London charge mentality where I find it difficult to say no and can’t seem to slow down or stop. It’s really tough with a lot of cool exciting things going on all which are positive and leading to amazing opportunities. However, I am trying to be more mindful as I don’t want to burn out.

I’ve been back to school doing relief work which has been great. It’s been great being back at Glen Eden Intermediate and catching up with all the crew and just clicking back in to what is a great teaching environment. I am all registered and back into the New Zealand system. Looking forward to getting some more teaching hours when I get back from the USA especially in the Art room at GEIS. Excited.

I’ve been going to the Cancer Society’s Domain Lodge at Grafton for the last three Monday’s doing a Relaxation course so trying to get back into mindfulness habits which has been super helpful. Wonderful as always to see what amazing services are offered to those going through cancer treatment and their families.

I am currently involved in a pilot that gets me doing Stand Up Paddle Boarding at 7am on a Thursday morning. The programme is a rehabilitation program for women who have had breast cancer who are trying to get back to a new normal through exercise. The programme has been established by physiotherapists who are trained professionals and work with cancer patients and survivors. The PINC paddle for hope initiative is fully funded by The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. I do the class that is run down at Westhaven Marina. At that time of the morning the sun is rising behind the city and the air is clean and fresh. It is literally the most stunning time of the day and every week I think I’ve fallen in love with Auckland a little bit more. The paddle boarding is so incredibly relaxing and not as difficult as you would think. Such great exercise and a great start to the day. I have recieved funding through the Pinc and Steel rehabilitation trust to get physiotherapy sessions. So if you know someone who has had or had breast cancer please do let them know these services are available because not enough of us are utilising them. Boys you can get behind this too there is a programme for men called “Steel”.

Was great getting home to Ohakune last weekend to see all the family and see the mountian. Stunning as always πŸ™‚

Mount Ruapehu, Central Plateau. New Zealand. February, 2015

Mount Ruapehu, Central Plateau. New Zealand. February, 2015

This week I got flown down to Christchurch to attend the trustee meeting of a wonderful Breast Cancer support organisation – Shocking Pink. Had a great time meeting Cheryle, Kylie and Anna who like me were young women in their 20’s and 30’s when they were too diagnosed with breast cancer. Shocking Pink have an amazing private support group on facebook that really helped me get through my cancer journey because it enabled me to connect with women who were in a similar situation. A god send. These ladies are so dedicated to supporting young women going through this disease aare very supportive of my project. I can’t wait to reconnect with them when I come back from the YSC Summit which I am flying to Houston for on Thursday – http://summit.youngsurvival.org/

Wow I will be forever grateful…..I feel so blessed for the support in response to my project. To those of you that have pledged thank you I appreciate it so much. To those of you who keep meaning too please do! I love how what I am doing is creating so much positive energy and learning. I have the support of some amazing organisations but they are unable to support me financially. I am doing this for the young people of New Zealand to ensure that there is more awareness around breast cancer and cancer in general. With just under $2800 left to raise I hope we can make it! Thanks to those who shared the videos I have put up. Couldn’t believe the hits – over 2000 over a couple of days and the amount of pledges that came through. Mind blown πŸ™‚

Super excited about heading away to the USA this week for the first conference. Looking forward to hitting the target too! Make a pledge!

Jess x