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I started writing this blog in June 2013 and it was initially sent as an email to friends and family once a month to keep them updated after receiving a diagnosis of an uncommon form of aggressive Breast Cancer at age 27 (Stage 3,Grade 2. ER-/PR-/HER2+).

I was living in London, England at the time of my diagnosis and was on my OE (Overseas Experience). I managed to work full time as a teacher and travel Europe extensively as while having cancer treatment. While this blog is about having cancer and the experience of it, it is also about living life as normally as possible – sometimes over and above that. I am still amazed by how well I lived and what I managed to achieve during the 15 months of active treatment I had to undertake.

I have tried my best to explain treatments, surgeries and their processes in order to help people understand cancer. I feel that we live in a society that fears the unknown and cancer is one of those unknowns and we fear it and stops us from living our best lives. My aim in writing this blog was to share knowledge through experience in order to educate and empower people to act if they notice change in their bodies and to also know what is normal for them so they are able to identify what is not. Writing was a healing tool while I was unwell and was incredibly life giving enabling me to cope with a life threatening illness. In turn it has also been a way of sharing my story with the world.

All of the information in this blog is exactly what happened to me while travelling and going through treatment for Breast Cancer while living in London, England.

None of the information in this blog should be taken as medical advice so please if you are unsure of your own symptoms or aliments see a medical professional as soon as you can.

Jess x


Jess Weller is a Breast Cancer Survivor, a Tedx speaker, an educator, a patient advocate and the founder of The WELLer Network – a charitable trust that educates young New Zealanders about the prevention and awareness of cancer and aims to support healthy conversations to enable you to live your best life. Jess regularly speaks about her cancer experience and how she now lives a full life of health and wellness and how resilience was the key to her surviving the Big C. Fascinated by human behaviour and emotional intelligence Jess is currently a full time student studying towards gaining a Bachelor of Counselling at Wintec and resides in Hamilton, New Zealand. 



How Cancer gave me Purpose – TedxSquareMile November 8th, 2014

4 thoughts on “About Jess

  1. Hi Jess

    What an inspiration you are and thanks for doing all you can to raise awareness. I’ve just read the article on Stuff. I’d like to get in touch as I’m a Kiwi here in London & I set up the NZ Business Women’s Network http://www.nzwomen.co.uk (actually 1,000 working Kiwi women in London). Was wondering when you’re heading back to NZ. Would you mind dropping me an email on bronwen@nzwomen.co.uk as I’m sure there are so many in the Network who would love to hear your story.

    I hope you’ll drop me a line.

    Kind regards

  2. Oh dear Jess, I heard a rumour about your cancer but had no idea that you were in Europe when it was discovered. Congratulations on your recovery and I very much hope it proves permanent.

    Roger Routledge

  3. Hi Jessica
    I just heard you talking to Lynn Freeman on National Radio. One of the target groups for your education programme could be medical students. I have a friend in the USA who is a survivor of ovarian cancer, and she designed a presentation for medical students about how they should deal with ovarian cancer patients. She had a team of survivors like her who presented this course at medical schools in the US and Canada. She is now retired, but I could put you in touch with Betty if you are interested.
    Lewis Martin

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